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Category: Compliance


I am uncertain about the name but the folks at have created something useful for financial planners (and others). It replaces "read receipts" and is a plugin for Google Apps or Gmail. It puts a small...

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Independence Tools

One of the central aspects of choosing to be an Independent Financial Adviser post-RDR is the ability to prove independence. A number of tools are coming to market that offer to help via an interactive spreadsheet. The two...

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VAT on ongoing services

You might be wondering how the headline has anything to do with technology. Well, along with many of my peers I have been on a roller-coaster ride regarding whether or whether or not we need to charge our clients VAT on ongoing...

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Evernote copy links

Evernote allows "copy link" functionality. This allows any 3rd party application to link to the exact note you have created. We use it with calendar entries linking with the most recent client notes/correspondence. We also use...

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