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Just found a fantastic cloud sync tool. If like us you use a variety of cloud services (e.g. Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) you might be thinking: what if my data goes pop. What is my backup plan? Well you could use a...

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CII Peterborough Presentation

Looking forward to presenting to CII Peterborough on Friday 29th April. My presentation will demonstrate the innovate ways we use Technology at The Investment Coach. If you're reading this after the presentation and wish to...

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PFS/CII Ipswich Workshop

I will be speaking to the PFS/CII Ipswich branch about how we use technology at The Investment Coach on Tuesday 20th October. Andrew will share his opinion on the best-of-breed technology. He will give examples of how technology...

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We are increasingly using Evernote over Dropbox as we find it very useful to be able to leave comments on the uploaded file "along side". The only way to make a comment in Dropbox is within the title name or create a new "Word...

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IFP meeting in Northern Ireland

I very much enjoyed coming out to speak with you in Belfast. You asked the most interactive questions of any audience so far. In fact despite being given an hour an 40 mins for the presentation (I normally only get an hour) we...

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