Just found a fantastic cloud sync tool. If like us you use a variety of cloud services (e.g. Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) you might be thinking: what if my data goes pop. What is my backup plan? Well you could use a desktop backup option like CrashPlan but this assumes you have the data stored locally. In the case of Dropbox you might have it locally although there are options to "Selectively Sync" which means that ALL your data is in the cloud and only some is stored locally. So in this case a backup plan accessing files on your PC or Mac is not going to work.

Also the smart way to store is in the cloud and then grab the files as a stream as and when you need them. This is the Google Drive model for businesses using File Stream. This then allows you to have fast SSD hard drives rather than a magnetic old style HDD. However, SSDs are more expensive, so capacity is constrained - leading back to the argument that it is best to keep the bulk of your data in the cloud.

Which brings me to cloudHQ. This solves the problem by doing a CLOUD to CLOUD backup. Quietly and constantly in the background. Set and forget. Perfect.

Even better that cloudHQ works with Evernote. Evernote is great but its export options are woeful. You have the option of an ENEX file that only works with Evernote (so you are not escaping the Evernote ecosystem with that!) or other formats that are not appealing. cloudHQ simply downloads as pdfs for a permanent record in the future.

So I am recommending looking at cloudHQ as a modern take on backup firstly and then syncing as well - if you need to run two or more cloud storage services side-by-side. The best of all worlds!