Thanks for that - yes of course you can use my comments.

I like Mavenlink and Freeagent cos they link in to Google apps. So no separate login required!
We use Intelliflo and as we get all our MI from that Freeagent doesn't have to do as much - would love to combine the two. We send out all our electronic invoices through Freeagent and now a client can pay using GoCardless and Paypal (some clients love this option!). And freeagent does auto uploads of all our Barclays transactions and categorises them! Godsend!
Plus Freeagent have helped me figure out the easiest way to submit VAT returns being a partially exempt firm.
Can you tell I love freeagent?
And Mavenlink is great for collaborating and links up to Google calender and auto populates dates with a separate Mavenlink calender so you can switch off if you.
ClientsFirst are an FS technology firm. I use them for two things: Sending out my newsletter and (more importantly) content for my website.http://www.clients-first.co.uk/
Tried Evernote but didn't give it enough time - will check it out again.
Hey Skype wasn't on there either - or was it?
Back to your tech list:
- It would be helpful if you used categories
- I would like it if other people could rate each bit of tech and/ or add comments
- Separate section for iphone/blackberry/android apps would be good
Hope all that helps
Speak soon

Tina Weeks

On 3 September 2012 15:35, Andrew Reeves wrote:

Good news that you are "in" Tina.
Regarding FreeAgent. We paid our accountants £300 to move data over to FreeAgent. I love the concept. We had to about the trial though as it was too limiting in terms of MI. We are back with Sage.Mavenlink. Used this one briefly. We find Evernote/Dropbox works for us for collaborative projects

ClientsFirst. Didn't know about them. What do they do for you?

Doodle. Looks great. I have been using Tungle.me for sharing calendars - it is a bit too flexible. Doodle is probably easier to work with.

I think we have tried every back office. I hated them all. Including the newer ones like Intelliflo. Nothing worked how we wanted to work. The New Business Register is a case in point. The fields were limited and not catching up with RDR developments like which client are on CIP. Who is fee-based invoice v fee-based from wrap etc. We now run the mother of all NBRs from Google Drive where we can all enter data at the same time. (Dropbox spreadsheets can get in conflict if data entered simultaneously).

The Technology Coach update: Tina makes some excellent site upgrade suggestions. Jay, our IT man, will look to implement when he is back from hols. And "yes" Skype is listed and discussed.