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Why Join The Technology Coach?

Andrew Reeves has over the years spoken informally with other IFAs about technology, made comment in the trade press and posted to Twitter. This project is about bringing it all together in one place.

Initially, we thought about simply “name-checking” the various technologies we use at The Investment Coach but we have decided that what would be more useful would be to explain HOW we use the technology. It is primarily for this latter reason we are making a small charge for access to the content. An ongoing blog will however be accessible to all.

One thing you can be sure of is that we understand the immense time-pressures of being an IFA and the vying commitments of: regulation, compliance, client management, proposition building and marketing, to name just a few!

Technology can help but only if it quickly integrates into YOUR proposition. Off the shelf technology is like a blank canvas, our objective is to  show how it can work for financial advice businesses.

We hope you will support us and, in turn, we can help you.

What Are You Getting?

We have designed The Technology Coach website to be as simple to use as possible. As soon as you join, you will be able to view our entire catalogue of over 55 Technologies in an easy-to-read format.

This is a preview of the type of content that we offer:

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"I just wanted to say thank you for introducing Trello into my life. We're constantly evolving the way we use it and it's making such a big difference to the way we work. More than anything it's saving us having to tell/e-mail each other, or keep notes on a pad somewhere.

When you're trying to create value in a business this is perfect."
Jaskarn Pawar, CFP, Investor Profile Ltd

"Just joined - WOW have you been busy or what! A relief to see some tech names I know AND don't know - Looks really good! Nice to have a forum to discuss real world application of tech to business rather than just 'I use Dropbox'.

Spent all yesterday afternoon making a short list of things that I want to check out … so worthwhile."
Ian Highton, IFA, Essential Financial Advisers LLP

"I know this is not the most 'professionally correct' thing to say but WOWZERS!!!
Andrew and team, you have done a great job and I really do feel that the tools and the site as a whole is a great starting point for any firm looking to kick start their IT tools and systems ready for the future model.

Technology is a must, firms should avoid the new tools at their peril, their clients are using them and as such are looking to their service providers to always be one step ahead.

I will certainly be sharing this site with all those that are near and dear to me."
Michelle Hoskin, The Adviser Partnership